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Thursday, May 31, 2007

got nothing to do and i cant decide....

I can't decide if i should go farther from a relationship that i do not intend to be taking considerations. Its a tough day for me today trying to make a choice of keeping someone i love or loosing him. I have to decide as in today because i have to tell him exactly what my decision is all about... i am confused and i am not refusing to admit my foolish act of having him in my life not knowing him yet that well... but i really cant let go of him because i truly love him. ..and if i wasnt i would be able to travel far for him just to be with him... i don't know whatsoever about his life or background..

i feel so alone and sad today..i just received like 2 sms from him as of 5:00pm. i used to received hundreds of sms from different people including him just to mention.

im just lying my ass on the sofa and having this freakin hard cough thats makes me irritable as always. .. as usual waiting for someone's sms would be appreciated..i do not have friends yet in this blogger for this wasnt my blogsite before... i just hope i can find someone to talk to or comment about anything there is.. as of 5:03pm i am taking off from the pc and get my assback to the bed or sofa.. gonna something else to think to unwind myself from confusion and frustration about something .....