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Friday, May 16, 2008

Earn while you blog

I heard about payperpost through my closed friend. She ask me if how would i like to earn money while blogging at the convenient of my time and at home. She invited me to join and sign up so we both could have earn extra money for school. She told me how great this site can offer extra income for students like us. It's too good to be true at first but when she explained everything to me, every detail, all the process and how the payment goes I was amazed and decided to sign up right away. I said to myself Opportunity knocks once so I won't miss this chance of a lifetime. I just joined payperpost a moment ago and got approved. I'm so excited to start and I'm having a great time now, blogging about the things i love. I realized that I could finally meet more friends and bloggers worldwide.

So why don't you guys join now and earn while you blog. Refer your friends now, learn about it and earn with no hassle of transportation and time.Don't deprive yourself of what you are capable of doing so start blogging now, we don't know what's gonna happen next , you might be the best blogger of all times. payperpost is where advertisers pay blogger to write something about them, so sign up now.


belated happy mother's day

Ate joy, sorry if karon lang nako na post katong ako gi ingon nga akong gihimo. It's not that nice but the thought is there. hehe. I was so busy with school and wala gyud ko time maka online dayon and karon lang ko kabasa sa comment sa imung site. SOrry gyud..
dara ang pix sa ubos..sorry again.

Happy mother's day again to sa tanan mother, bahalag ulahi nako..way but anay.. ^_^
blurred ang pic kay supposed to be gif. format na xa..mag blink blink unta.. hayz..busy au ko..dko ka edit na..sorry te sorry gyud...huhuhu