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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

to a secret admirer

Hi All, Just want to share this bit of mushiness... so cute... hehehehe :-p

ODE TO A SECRET ADMIRER did you ever love a boyand know he didn't love you?did you ever feel like crying and think what good it'll do for you?did you ever look into his eyesand say a little prayer?did you ever look into his heartand wished you were there?did you ever see him dancingwhen the lights were way down low?did you ever say "God, now I love him"and just couldn't let him know?did you ever wonder where he isat night, perhaps with someone new?one moment you're happynext moment you're, if you'll fall in l o ve, my friendyou'll find it doesn't payalthough it causes broken hearts, it happens everydayand when it starts you'll never know,you'll worry day and nightyou just couldn't let him see you, it'll never turn out rightlove is great but it hurts so muchand the price you pay is high, so if you'll have to choose between life and deathi think I'd rather, if you'll fall in love, my friendyou'll be hurt, oh yes, it's see, my friend, you oughtta knowcoz i fell in love with you ... "One day you'll ask me as to which is more important.. YOU or MY LIFE?? i'll say my life and you'll go and leave without knowing that you are MY LIFE.. "