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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can you name 10 people?

Name 10 people you can think of right
off the top of your head. Don't read
the questions underneath until you
write the names of all 10 people.

is a lot funnier if you actually
randomly list the names first.. No
cheating. Repost this with the same title
and tagged 6 of yours friends.

I'm Tagging my friends : tchel , joyoz , kaiterz, kaguvkov, baconjojo, carlota

1. beb
2. Djana
3. justine
4. jowem
5. Makoy
6. DK
7. Roy
8. Angeli
9. Alexander


1.How did you meet number 9?
- i met him on my trip back home from my summer vacation at ozamis city last year.

2. Do you have a crush on anyone up
- yup, hahaha

3. What would you do if you hadn't met
number 1?

- i wouldn't be this happy today and the next day and the next , until i grow old. CHAR!!!

4. What would you do if 6 and 2 were
going out?

- nothing, they are FB's Friends with Benifits. LOL

5. How did you meet number 8?
- She's my classmate @ PPTS

6. Is 2 one of your best friends?
- yes and she's also my cousin dearie

7. Whose number 9's best friend(s)?
- Ronald

8. Have you ever dated number 1?
- yup in..

9. Do you miss number 10?
- sometimes LOL

10.what do u think of number 6?
- his fil-jap.

11.what do you think of number 7?
- tall, smart, witty, handsome but careless

12. who does number 3 like?
- she's a good friend and also my closest classmate lately.

13. Have you ever been inside number
8's house?
- yup of course...

14. Do you love number 4?
- not anymore

15. Ever been in the same bed as any
of the numbers?
- yes!..

16. What about no. 5?
- yup, its a long story. His my friend by the way.

17. Do you trust these people?
- ahahaha next question... not all,coz i do they will surely hurt me once more.

18. would you date no. 5?
- friendly date, his taken and i'm taken....past is past

20. Love them all?
- yes of course, but not all of them love me back

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Can YOU name 10 people