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Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Ely Buendia Fan

I am surrounded by people who are music enthusiasts and musically inclined including my sister and her husband which is from the band cueshe. I could still recall my elementary and highschool years growing up with my sister and hearing her sing " with a smile" and playing the guitar with the song"ang huling el bimbo", these was her favorites. I fell in love with the songs too and of course the band who sang those songs including the Vocalist Ely Buendia. Since then my sister and I and the rest of my cousin patronizes the e-heads.

The Eraserheads, Eraserheads, or E-Heads was a prominent Pinoy rock band of the 1990s, formed by Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro. The band is one of the most successful, critically-acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Original Pinoy Music, earning them the accolade, "The Beatles of the Philippines."The Eraserheads are also credited for spearheading a second wave of Manila band invasions, paving the way for a host of Philippine alternative rock bands such as Rivermaya, The Youth, Teeth, Parokya ni Edgar and Yano.

The band released several singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one. This commercial success was most evident in the release of their third album Cutterpillow, which achieved platinum status several times. The Eraserheads are one the best-selling musical acts of all time in the Philippines, paving way for an international career that earned them the "Moon Man" in the MTV Video Music Awards.

Their diverse music worked both in the underground and mainstream scenes of the Philippine music industry. By fusing different musical styles such as alternative, pop, rock, reggae, and synthpop the Eraserheads helped change the sound of Pinoy rock.

and you what to more about this band which is not really necessary cause i think everyone knows them. search the band name and thats it. So to summarize everything I am blogging about Ely buendia at this late because a few hours ago they had they Easerhead REUNION but after singing their first set of songs, Ely Buendia had a chest pain that lead to a heart attack. Here's a reliable news from

(Update) Ely Buendia rushed to hospital; Eraserheads reunion concert cut short


MANILA, Philippines - The Eraserheads reunion concert on Saturday night at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field was cut short after lead singer Ely Buendia suffered chest pain.

Concert organizers and friends rushed Buendia to the Makati Medical Center, where he was reported to be in stable condition.

In a text message to GMANews.TV, Dok Sergio, bassist of Buendia's new band Pupil, said: "Ely is fine. Don't worry."

The Erasherheads opened the concert at 8:15 p.m. with their hit song “Alapaap" and proceeded to play classics such as “Ligaya," “Wag Mo Nang Itanong," “Fruitcake," among others.

More than 10 songs were played to eager fans at The Fort and around 9:30 p.m. the band took a 30-minute break. Forty minutes later, Buendia’s sister went up to the stage to break the sad news.

"We regret to inform you that we have to cut the concert short. My brother had to be rushed to hospital because of emotional and physical stress he is experiencing," said Buendia's sister Lali to concert-goers.

Fans said that in the middle of the reunion concert, Buendia stopped playing his guitar. They said the lead singer sat on the floor and bowed his head. Then the stage lights went out.

In 2007, Buendia suffered a heart attack while his new band Pupil was performing in Laguna.

The Eraserheads was a popular Pinoy rock band of the 1990s formed by Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro.
- GMANews.TV

WOw hard to believe isn't it. Ely buendia had undergo emergency angioplasty of his first attack because two of his heart arteries were block. After a successful treatment and prayers Ely got well and was back in the music scene after a few months. WHo would ever think Ely would have this heart attack again? I was shocked, really shocked when i saw the news on tv and online. I am blogging about this now because i am asking for prayers for ELY BUENDIA's recovery. It was said it was because of both physical and emotional stress. It was news and confirmed that Ely Buendia's mother died 2 days before the prior concert so Ely may had suffered grieving and due to heavy practice that last 3am prior to the said concert, i mean the same day.Ely Buendia's condition was triggered. Here's a video from Easerhead's "with a smile"

17 years old teenager bore 7 kids! WOW

I just want to share this news that i have read from my friends post. It's really amazing and shocking to think that a 17 years old teenager bore 7 kids.. You do the math.. g Unsa ka niya pagpa anak ana sa? hehehe.. I wont bore you here's the details..

Pamela Villarruel 17 years old teenager with her 7 kids is having this lovely pic in the residence of her mother in the town of Leones in Cordoba Province, northern Argentina, May 11, 2008. (Pics courtesy: AP)

Pamela, 17, bore all 7 kids in 3 pregancies pud oi dili dungan lolness, having her first boy in 2005 when she was 14 and the other 6 girls in 2 deliveries of triplets in the following two years. Amazing isn't it. D nako kaya ang iya powers. Kamo kaya ninyo?

As of today this young lady is currencly living with her parents so she will be supported with everything she needed and only sleeps in the living room together with her kids.
Ang unang amahan sa anak ni pamela kay gi abundo lang sila, ang amahan sa first triplets pud kay g palayas sa balay nila pamela kay mangulata man kini kang pamela, and karon pamela refuses to name the father of her last triplets.. Shy siguro xa nga lain napud nga amahan. dko sure.char ra gud.

Magdalena, mama ni pamela ni request ug laygit or to have her daughter's fallopian tubes tied to avoid any further pregnancies, but was denied as Argentine law prohibits the procedure to be done on minors. So watay mahemz. maybe the coming years after she will bear more kids. Hala!!! unsaon nalang.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brillante Weblog Award

A wonderful and fabolous tag from a wonderful friend
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    The above recipient of the Brillante Weblog are welcomed to put the Logo on their personal blogs and have the honor of passing this award to seven other bloggers.Here are the rules for passing on the award:

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    and now as excited and proud as i am, i am giving out this tag or award to the following few people that is very close to my heart...lolx..i mean those friends that i have in my blogroll.enjoy guys..tiborsho ,Carlota ,Twinks ,princess ,
    jana ,kaiterz , and ralph .Congratulation!

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Ngohiong Madness

    I love ngohiong its very crunchy and soothes my taste for sour & spicy sauce. That's why i decided to blog about it, and it really makes me hungry thinking about it na lolx. But before anything else let me tell you about this viand call "ngohiong" it means lumpia that is being fried in chinese, all its ingredients are usually from chinese cooking. My favorite ngohiong's are from Cheavers and from Chinese ngohiong sa colon dire sa cebu. Hehehe. Gutomz na.. Ngohiong is a cheap viand that you will surely enjoy and dili sakit sa bulsa. If you want to make your own here are the ingredients.


    1kg dabong cut in strips php = 30.00
    0.5kg singkamas, cut in strips php = 5.00
    3 tbsp ngohiong powder php = 5.00
    2 tbsp 5-spice powder php = 5.00
    0.5kg ground pork php = 60.00

    25pcs Medium lumpia wrapper php = 10.00

    salt, pepper, MSG, and soy sauce php = free from the kitchen

    2 cups cornstarch
    5 tsp paprika/white pepper php = free from the kitchen
    700g water

    combine all the ingredients and place it into the lumpia wrapper and wrap it of course, once your done doing all the wrapper. Allow a frying pan to be hot and add oil and fry the ngohiong

    Lorbak sauce:
    2 tbsp dark soy sauce
    2 tbsp sugar
    1/8 tsp Chinese five spice powder (ng heong fun) or ngo hiong hun php = free from the kitchen
    1/8 tsp salt
    4-5 tbsp water
    1 egg white, lightly beaten

    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    A true miracle of Sr. Sto. Nino

    I have been a devotee to patron saint Sr. Sto. Nino and since my grandmother and my cousin's brought me to the patron's church since grade one, I have been practicing visiting sto. nino at least 2-3times a month until today. Everyday i pray 3 kinds of prayers, those are prayers of thanks, prayer of guidance and last one is prayer for forgiveness. I have been relieve of many illnesses as well as problems with my life. I always have faith to him. A friend of mine saw a video of A miracle of sr. sto. nino at youtube and i didn't hesitate to post it here. Many said it was true some says it isn't. But no matter how hard to convince everyone is, whether its true or not it wont affect my faith towards him. HE has showed me miracle everyday that i am really thankful for. IT doesn't have to end by rumors like this, although i had goosebumps watching it. Below is a video caught by some students i think who were videoing sr. sto. nino at SIMALA ,there was something strange caught in video in the last part. YOU, do the judging but whether it is a miracle or not, My faith will always be there coz he has answered almost all my prayers and gave me lots of blessing already, for me that is A TRUE MIRACLE...

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    I'm Back

    Sorry guys, i haven't been online for a long time. I missed all of you and blogging, did you miss me? well i think 50/50 lang. I have been very busy putting myself together because i have been into some depression mood lately. I will explain that further on my next blog. I am doing my next online money making venture with the help of some cyberfriends. I am willing to help you out guys who wants to earn extra $$money$$ diha, and to those housewives, unemployed people or even mga professionals na diha. IF want to know the mechanics just leave a comment and ill do my best to come up with the detailed explanation. It's free and fun, you should have to spend an hour a day sa internet and that's it. I am 2days working on it already and i will show you proofs and details later on.

    I am also trying to change my layout but i will do that later, I am contacting ate CARLOTA from communicity for my layout. Te pacenxa.. I have been thinking of it pa. I want the new layout to be a mirror of myself and what i do in day to day basis of my crazy life. YAWN..hala gduka nako.ANyhow..I'll be updating my blog from time to time. And wish me luck guys...