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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My reply story

I came across fitness & health thread from a local forum back here in cebu
and there was a thread who caught my attention so
i thought i would reply something on it.

IT was about some girl who is looking for a weight loss buddy: so my replies to that thread are as follows.

I am glad to find this thread, coz i was looking for a buddy too..

ug dko ma uwaw nga mabasahan ni sa tanan kay natural rani.

let me share my dilemma
but before anything else id like to tell the mods that if i violated a rule
or whatsoever in this thread feel free to delete this or if misplaced you can moved this.
just don't banned me i am here to inspire people.

I was diagnosed hypothyroidism before for 8 years or less. I am not sure with the dates
since my thyroid problem has eventually resolved on its own.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone. Since the main purpose of thyroid hormone is to "run the body's metabolism," it is understandable that people with this condition will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism has many symptoms that can vary from person to person. Some common symptoms of hypothyroidism are

weight gain
puffy face ug magtanga
cold intolerance
joint and muscle pain
dry, thinning hair
decreased sweating
heavy or irregular menstrual periods and impaired fertility
carpal tunnel syndrome

this symptoms are very much applicable to me

i undergo a lot of medical testing
mura nko ug guinea pig gani
ultrasound of the thyroid,
thyroid panels every now and then
balik balik gyud ni
ug FIne needle biopsy nga pwerti sakita..mokuha silag tissue sa thyroid
i tusok direct sa imu imagina mura ka matuk an pero u can't move
kay naay dagom imu liog

so Here i am want to share my story

3 weeks and 2 days ago
as to date ni ha
i started my anti-obesity pill prescribed by my doctor
sauna palang few years back i was prescribed na ani nga drug but mahal so wala ko ni go
now that iv realized how i look during camwhoring with friends and uploading pix in FB makes me wanna throw up kay i really can't see myself beautiful anymore.

haiz to cut the long story short
February of this year i was rushed to CDU hospital due to tachycardia=rapid breathing
HIghblood pressure and stuff although i am hb anemic type of person.
guess whats the reason.. kamo nalang bhala basta ni share lang ko

basta kay mao natoy turning point nko nga mag diet na gyud

april i had my general check up again and to my surprise
my thyroid problem was resolved
meaning my metabolism is starting to function well

meaning i don;t have an excuse anymore to stay unhealthy or stop me for being lame
blaming on my condition right?

so balik ta 3 weeks and 2 days ago
ni take nko sa pill and had my low-calorie diet
its expensive to buy oats, fruits and vegetables but g antos nko
maypa patambok kay pwede ra mokaon bisan unsa naa sa ref noh kaysa padaot nga sige lang ka pili sa food nga angay kan on then i calculate pa gyud

here is my profile bfore i started

age - 24 years old
height - 5'5 tall
weight - 200lbs flat amazing isn't it haha
BMI - 33.3 obese (yeah)

BMI Categories:

Underweight = <18.5 weight =" 18.5-24.9" overweight =" 25-29.9" obesity =" BMI" color="Red">from 200lbs
- 185 lbs
15pounds lost

BMI- 30.8 obese ghapon but gamay nalang kulang para sa
overweight nga category ko ma belong

so in a span of 3 weeks lang ha dako na akong na lose
who won;t be motivated to do more..

karon exercise and workouts at home seems to be boring na gyud
i am looking forward to go out run, jog,walk,hike uphill and stuff pra mas
lingaw ang experience yet you burn a lot of calories and fats.

for now i am still motivated
and wants to lose more 40 to 45 pounds nga according lang sa akong BMI

mao rani ako maka share sa mga aspiring mag diet dha
who tried everything yet failed before like me

1. consult a doctor - know your health status, be sure your fit to workout and d mo dali malipong or low blood sugar
2. do not rush things coz if everything fails ma dissapoint ka mwala ang imu motivation and you'll tend to give up
3. do not starve- this tends to make you crave more foods and sweets kay magkalipong lipong naman ka
4. eat small portion of low calorie food, just google those low calorie food
for me i eat vegetables and fruits everyday.
**it really pays to check the label** so basaha nang calorie intake sa likod sa inyo gpalit
kay makatabang na.
5. drink lots of water - no cold ones
6. cut off cigarettes and alcohol, wont help and worsen the caloric intake
7. sleep as much as 8 hours a day ayaw lang pasobrahe kay makatambok pud
8. reward yourself if you achieved something but do not overcheat.
ex. whenever i loose 5 lbs i reward myself an ice cream
9. write a journal if u want to know ur progress or join a team nga nag diet para lingaw
10. exercise as much as your body can only. do not stress yourself much

and the most important part Read below last part..

always remember there is no overnight success in diet
and it takes time...

for those who wants a low calorie plan diet just pm me, ghatagan ko sa akong doctor
including the recommended calories per day and their equivalent
free ni wala ko mamaligya ha, just want to help

The key to lose weight are:

be patient. be motivated. stick to your plan. Don't give up

I always tell myself "if other's can do it so can i"

Philippine Independence Day

My default homepage for my Internet browser is google.
and i was very happy to see this Google homepage portraying the Philippine flag colors.
if you will try to click the image it will lead you to all sorts of information
regarding Philippine independence
and the history of the Philippines as a whole nation.

I am proud to be Filipino and blogging about my country
is just nothing compared to our ancestors who fought
for our freedom that we are enjoying now.


112th Philippine Independence Day Anniversary

to all the pinoys and pinays out there
all over the world.

It was Former President Emilio Aguinaldo who proclaimed the sovereignty and Independence of the Filipino people From the Spaniards. But it wasn't granted nor recognize by the United States and Spain (during the Spanish-american war)
as well as other Countries or nations.
Although unrecognized independence from other countries has been confusing of dates,
Filipinos still embraced June 12, 1898, as the glorious date in the history of the Filipino people.
Some historians would still argue with its dates and its proclamation year which is july 4, 1946,
but it doesn't matter anymore as We Filipinos in the world has truly felt the importance of being free and
we will still continue to fight.

One of the biggest Celebration of this year in New york is The Commemoration of The 112th Independence day of the Philippines. It was said to be unexpectedly Successful. The parade, float, programs and activities was very heartwarming.
This is believed as the largest festivity celebrating Independence day outside our Philippines.

photo taken in new york

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my new babies

These are Elianto Products

I have been keeping an eye on them years before i got back in cebu from dumaguete
since there's no elianto products yet that time so it wasn't my top priority to buy
I bought them a month ago or so in SM cebu Northwing
i only had a chance last night to get some pic of it and upload

products are:

1. Baked Eyeshadow (marble) in olive green

A uniquely baked powder with a more refined texture and better powder compression. Can be applied wet to create an ultra-shine and high hue effect, or dry for a sheer effect.

thats on the gold jar

2. Gel Eyeliner in deep brown

A water-resistant, jellified eyeliner for prominent, lasting and smooth finish.

thats on the silver jar (small)
near the brush

3. Elianto Foundation brush
first brush in the first pic

it kinda works as foundation brush and an concealer brush at the same time for me

4. Flat Brush for blending
2nd brush in the first pic

Big and plush, use it to sweep eyeshadow all over lids. Especially good for blending colour.

5. Eye primer

The lightweight cream that provides thin and even surface to prefectionise eyeshadow application. The optimize balance of emollient oil and waxes create superb smooth blending. Apply thin layers of cream onto eyelid and blend evenly.

the colored gold jar on the first pic or 1st jar on the second pic with a natural color look like foundation

I spend quiet much but its okey. These are my new babies anyway that ill be using for quiet sometime. So let me save more and i'll more of the marble collection. It does work so beautiful if you blend it well.