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Monday, May 5, 2008

Street foods

tempura on the go...
sweet and spicy kwek kwek

I am so stressed out today , i had a very busy day doing my "RLE" Related Learning Experience compilation notes and exercises as well as studying for my missed exam. While my concerns sets in studying alone and doing decorating notes, i got hungry and i ate street foods like tempura ang kwek² hmmm..kalami nalang gyud.Needless to say, since I was trying to enjoy every bite of it, i then saw someone yelling across the street pertaining to the vendor that her son got food poisoned by the tempura he bought 10minutes back.He was vomiting a lot and take note his not even allergic to it.Darn i got scared and stopped right there and then, but before i stopped eating more of it , i already ate 10tempuras and 3 kwek² (ang baboy ko, gutom lang) so imagine how many bacteria, e-coli and whatever there is in the street food that i ate. After an hour untill this period on, i'm still running back and forth to the comfort room...whalllah diarrhea na toh..todo na toh...I’m doing okay though. Not great, but not too horrible, either. But i can't sleep i took a lot of meds already huhuhu..tabang lord..any suggestions mga moms and dads all over the world bisan mga nurse diha..tabangi intawn ko ninyo..

wapa gihapon ko natagam bow!!! lami man