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Monday, May 12, 2008

Nurse's goes Culinary

It is required for nursing student to calculate our clients/patient's BMI, BMR and whatever there is to be calculated to maintain its ultimate health and it's ideal weight. So careful diet and choice of food should be at first.

We had our cooking last friday May 9, 2008 and we had fun cooking together with my classmate. WE cooked and prepared everything according to what is tasked to us and according to what kcal(kilo calories) does our model classmate needs to eat per meal.Our class model is Mr. Julius Abarquez. And here are the pictures while we were striving hard to make everything perfect and as palatable as it is.

we cooked:

beef with broccoli
Tuna omelet with mashed potato on the side dish
chicken sausage fried with bacon around
and more..i forgot about my classmate viand.
I'll update you with that later.