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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Connecting please connect

I have always wanted to have my own line from pldt dsl because in that way i don't have to share my computer with other people. So the other day i was out trying to find out answers on how much would it cost me to have my own line of dsl on my room.

It was a very hot afternoon when i decided to pay a visit to PLDT jones here in cebu. Got there 3:51pm exactly and had my number from the security guard. It was very cold and cozy inside. The waiting area was so comfy; i would want to lie on it. I was waiting for my number to be called in the customer service area and it took more than a hour before i was called. Sigh what a tiring wait to think that they have 4 to 5 customer service representative available in there and less than 20 customers to cater concerns, bills, queries and so on. So to cut the long story short, they were slow, some CSR would go to the other room and would go back 15minutes after then the next one will follow. I get it maybe they are having there snacks or break but still I don't get it, they are pretty much slow. I also saw a couple who was complaining about their installation thingy and stuff and would call the people on the technical staff to deal with it. What the heck? These are just based on my observation, i do know they are doing their job but i just didn't see there system right that day.

What's more horrible is when my number waws called and had my queries ask, i heard a very disappointing answer. That if ever you want to have a new line of dsl you have sign up for the fone also.. SO it was okey for me, of course how would the dsl run without the fone right so okey fine... But when i ask if its free i was told that it wasn't and whoaalaah its php 2,300 if i heard it right. OH EM GEE it was expensive i thought it was free. Now what will i do? i need my connection cause i'll be working my ass off for the next months of a productive VA career. Yikes i have to hit the sack now and stop writing i might end up talking non sense just to have something to blog for tonight, but actually i am watching a movie so i have to really stop now. ENGOT noh? hehe

Till then my open diary