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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

out of boredom

Lately been addicted to playing games online
yep games haha, it doesn't sound like me but i just fell in love with
facebook games recently. There were Nightclub city, cafe world, farmtown and so on.

FOr now i will be sharing my new game called NightClub City.
It is an interactive game of clubbing and partying at the same time with some
celebrities that you want to buy for them to visit your club.

Here is a screenshot of my club, i just started out few days ago and still on my level 14th so don't expect much on the interior designs and so on.

I also want to share that there is a cheat on how to increase your money to billions as well as your experience 'till you reach level 40 or more.

Just saw this in youtube, i tried but i was to afraid to make it possible. I also felt like there's no thrill if i would cheat and not feel my efforts in making it level up. So You guys if you want to do it that way then you can have it check. Just be sure to download the latest cheat engine. I wish you luck all.