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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my first nephew

# About Me:

Hello My name is Markus Pierre Labrado.
Born on: February 21, 2008
Weight: 6 Lbs. and 13 Oz.

# Hobbies and Interests:

Sleeping, Crying, Pictorial, Eating...

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# Schools (Other):

i dont know-- im still choosing between Yale, Brown, Standford and Harvard

# Occupation:

im still a baby

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World Cute Babies Org

Supposedly this blog should have been posted few weeks back but then i haven't figure out yet how to put a video using youtube LOL however i was able to figure out today so i'm posting it from draft to publish. It was a nice feeling to be aunt again, imagine how soft his cheeks and arms are, how flawless his skin is, how nice he smell that you couldn't stop yourself to pinch the cheeks(nanggigigil ako). Imagine the feeling of being fond of a new baby in the family , thats how i feel right now. I wanted to go home early from hospital duty just to see MARKUS "makoy". His 2months old now and starts to smile every time you play with him. ALthough he can't respond to you in words, you would still feel that he is having fun playing with you.
and now for you my ever dearest nephew makoy , this is a small tribute that i want you to look back when u grow old.I hope you will treasure me as your TITA who loves you sooooo much and i will look forward that you would grow fast so we could go out in the malls, play in the sand, run to where we want until i can, and see you start your own family, CHar paminyuan naman dayun bata pa.anyhow i welcome you to the family and i want you to know how happy we are and how we love you. THis is for you makoy. Have fun guys and bloggers.

Isn't he cute? There's more :

With my sister iyang mader together with my first niece STEFANI GWEN LABRADO and with their dad FRITZ LABRADO of Cueshe band