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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dare to care (with my previous batchmate)(Day 9 students of PPTS)

I was browsing on youtube to unwind myself from boredom when i accidentally saw this video which was very familiar to me. whoooa!!...IT was our Dare to care "feeding program" for the families of LAguarta Cebu. We had this feeding program way back last year and we named it "dare to care". We batch-9 / Day 9 (ASN-RN) Applied Science in Nursing student of Philippine Paramedical and Technical School Inc. Cebu Campus in coordination with our Psychology teacher Mrs. Faye Hyacinth Salcedo made this project possible. We had fund raising program concert @ Handuraw cafe Mabolo,Cebu City and the proceeds were used to help the people of LAGUARTA, Lahug Cebu City.

Here are the programs successfully implemented:

**We had a BP (blood pressure) taking

**We thought children how to properly brush there teeth's and the importance of it, and handwashing

**We feed the children who only ate's once or twice a day

**We provided/donated school supplies to a day care center.

**We had a youth orientation on resume writting seminar and job fair

**We provided rice, noodles and can goods to 500hundred families sponsored by: PROSPERO "BUTCH" PETCHAY...

and a lot will be nestled away, it will surely touch your heart, so come on now and play the video. I was also touched when i saw this video again for the 2nd time since last year. I am so proud that i was part of the said program. And i do hope to see more capable people help the unfortunate families out there.

I hope you enjoyed the video and i hope this serve as inspiration to all of the readers , bloggers, youtubers, viewers, bisdakplanet members. ANd i hope this serves as a reminder that we are capable of helping those unfortunate people through our small ways and means, It doesn't have to be expensive,it doesn't have to be huge; what's important is the thought of helping them and by these actions those people won't lose hope to live there lives in a better way. In order for you to live your life, you will have to hope and that what were giving them "HOPE".

and don't deprive yourself of what you are capable of doing.