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Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Day 2010

Yikes!!! grrrr TOday is one of the most tiring & stressful day of the TIGER YEAR. Today is the day to cast our votes for the next president, one who will preside, who sits in leadership directly as elected for a six-year term by popular vote of majority. As the country's head of government, in most countries the president is entitled to certain perquisites, and may have a prestigious residence; often a lavish mansion or palace, sometimes more than one house and luxury.

Will the next president perform his/her duty as the leader of the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES without doubt that corruption, poverty, famine and war will be solved?.

I have seen tons of advertisement flashing on Chat relay machines such as messenger and as well as social networks engines (friendster, facebook, twitter and etc.) and its really annoying on how they market themselves on ads. People make fun of every ads they advertise just for popularity sake.

How much did they spent on those advertisement and ads?
How would they earn back what they spent? Tired to talk more about this hideous business of them.


Started lining up for my precinct and it took us almost 4 hours on waiting.

How dirty should we get? so dusty

my precinct number and priority number

my cousin and I

My sister and her husband on the other side of voting center

my brother was already called good for him priority number 500plus

at last vote casted at 7pm. indelible ink it is. time to go home.. weeee
Win or lose I AM FOR "gibo" go green. kaming wlang kibo ay kay gibo.