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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my first nephew

# About Me:

Hello My name is Markus Pierre Labrado.
Born on: February 21, 2008
Weight: 6 Lbs. and 13 Oz.

# Hobbies and Interests:

Sleeping, Crying, Pictorial, Eating...

# Zodiac Sign:


# Schools (Other):

i dont know-- im still choosing between Yale, Brown, Standford and Harvard

# Occupation:

im still a baby

# Affiliations:

World Cute Babies Org

Supposedly this blog should have been posted few weeks back but then i haven't figure out yet how to put a video using youtube LOL however i was able to figure out today so i'm posting it from draft to publish. It was a nice feeling to be aunt again, imagine how soft his cheeks and arms are, how flawless his skin is, how nice he smell that you couldn't stop yourself to pinch the cheeks(nanggigigil ako). Imagine the feeling of being fond of a new baby in the family , thats how i feel right now. I wanted to go home early from hospital duty just to see MARKUS "makoy". His 2months old now and starts to smile every time you play with him. ALthough he can't respond to you in words, you would still feel that he is having fun playing with you.
and now for you my ever dearest nephew makoy , this is a small tribute that i want you to look back when u grow old.I hope you will treasure me as your TITA who loves you sooooo much and i will look forward that you would grow fast so we could go out in the malls, play in the sand, run to where we want until i can, and see you start your own family, CHar paminyuan naman dayun bata pa.anyhow i welcome you to the family and i want you to know how happy we are and how we love you. THis is for you makoy. Have fun guys and bloggers.

Isn't he cute? There's more :

With my sister iyang mader together with my first niece STEFANI GWEN LABRADO and with their dad FRITZ LABRADO of Cueshe band

Friday, April 18, 2008

four things about me

Thanks to te princess for the tag..mwahugzz

4 Jobs I've Done:

1. Nurse
2. Sales Distributor
3. Secretary
4. Small time Entreprenuer

4 Shows on my TiVo/DVR: -wala pa

4 Places I've Been: PINAS TANAN

1. USA (in my dreams)
2. LUzon (3 cities or province)
3. Visayas (4 cities or province)
4. Mindanao (2 cities or province)

4 Favorite Foods:

1. Mexican Foods
2. Filipino Foods
3. Korean and all sorts of spicy foods
4. Italian foods

4 CD's Recently Listened To:

1. Paramore
2. Bless the fall
3. Saosin
4. Underoath

4 Things You Can Do To Make My Day:

1. Making someone happy by my jokes LOL
2. Gretting everyone Through sms
3. Tagging me in here
4. EAT sour or spicy food

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

♫♫ my music ♫♫

I love all sorts of music : screamo, alternative, rock,Reggae and more. Before i went to school today , i went through all my cd collection and played my favorite one of all and it's from the album "PARAMORE". Hmmnn..why paramore? I Just find them incredible. I mean they rock my world, most of their lyrics inspired me with all things love issue thing.IF you wanna know more about them here are some info., u might find them incredibly cool.

band info:

The combination of musical energy between brothers and Hayley’s bold charisma earned them instant attention, particularly from Florida indie Fueled by Ramen, who signed the band and put them to work recording their debut. Says Hayley, “Some of our favorite bands are on Fueled by Ramen. We knew that they would know exactly how to carry out the vision for our band and music.” Paramore went into the studio with producers James Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Underoath) and Mike Green (Yellowcard, The Black Maria) and blew them away with their sincerity and enthusiasm.

Band members :

Vocals: Hayley
Bass: Jeremy
Guitar: Josh
Drums: Zac

I LOVE HAyLEY a lot..and to think she is only 19 years old, read her profile:

Nickname: Spongebob, Sponge, Hayles
Birthday: December 27, 1988
Birth Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'2
Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee

About hayley:
I am pretty simple. Music, make up, and fashion are what I'm really into. Sort of a typical girls list of hobbies...but I ain't no girls girl. I'm into making memories with photographs and I tend to be pretty nostalgic. Anything to do with the south, I'm down for it: good times and BBQ!!!

My goal is to make music that people, 30 or 40 years from now, wish they were around for.

Her favorite things

Loud music on road trips, our 12 passenger van, The Warped Tour, Downtown Franklin, fishing, dancing, Sam and Zoe's for lunch when we are rehearsing in Nashville for tour, going to the movie theater, and a soy 6 pump extra hot no water chai (apparently this is Madonna's favorite drink so I tried it and now the whole Starbucks experience, for me, is based around this drink! You should try it.)

My Top 5 Favorite Foods:

1) Mr. Farro's walnut chicken...really anything Mr. or Mrs. Farro cook.

2) All foods involving lots of cheese (Because it's usually forbidden due to the voice).

3) BBQ

4) Tijuana wrap from Sam and Zoe's in Berry Hill, TN

5) Salmon and tuna sashimi

(we almost have the same kind of food that we love, lol except one and three, i am not familiar with that. LOL, but how great is that?)

My favorite songs from the album are:





and a lot more but those are my top favorites...

whoohooa i want to post more about her and the band but til next time..keep blogging everyone.. mwahugzzz

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This blog is dedicate to all the members of for their warm welcome to me as a new bisdakplanet member. I haven't heard of this site untill a friend of mine named "tiborsho" introduce me to the site, i wasn't hesitant to visit the site, while i was reading i was amazed that there are group of people from different profession and parts of the world has one thing in common and they are united.You all love to blog right? so am i! although im just new to this hobby. I was interested to join and i said to myself, i wanna share something that is more productive than i do today. I wont spoil everyone and let me introduce something about my self....eng eng eng......

I'm Eizel Joy, soon to be 23 this year, i am a nursing student from Philippine Paramedical and Technical School Inc. Cebu Campus. I'm absent today LOL.. i slept late last night so i wasn't able to wake up early. I love writting lately, i love korean movies, i love spicy food. I love to help the infirm. It is my goal with or without pay that i would be able to help infirm people reachable by my hand. I would like to serve our country first before taking considerations of helping Americans or other countries that is in demand for nurses, for i believe that the Filipinos should take advantage of what we deserve, and my service is only a small percent that a filipino should be needing right now, but a small percent of that can save lives as well, no matter how few. charr kaayo noh...LOL

I would like to be share more in the following day and hopefully i can exchange interest about my field to people who are interested to know..bow...

thanks again sa mga members sa


In life, we are faced with losing our first loves and are best friends. We have to face the pain of losing our loved-ones to death. We live with our regrets of the mistakes we make in life.

How can you love and trust again when you have been hurt over and over again at a young age. How do you get past all this pain. This is reality.

Life in Reality
by suthern
Death, departure, walk away, walk out
Should I or should I not pout

Family and friends
Lovers and one-night stands

I have loved, lost and lived
How do I trust, how do I love again

I should move on, it's all in my past
But my pain remains, continues and lasts

This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul
Damn it - why is this world so cold

How can I have faith in God and family
When people I love are taken from me

Where can I find true and loyal friends
I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge

Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age
How do I love again with all of my rage

How do I get past all of this, show me a sign
So I can leave my sadness, pain and crying behind

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Virgo, my horoscope for d day ^_^

The social vibe in your world is positively buzzing. You'll get energized by others.
In Detail

You're going to get a nice, refreshing break from your 'blah' routine today, and it all revolves around other people. The social vibe in your world is positively buzzing, and you're going to get energized by others. That means it's a wonderful day to be with people -- strangers and friends alike. A stadium concert, major league sporting event, or even a crowded shopping mall will inspire you with new ideas -- and might even create a new romantic or professional connection.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

“BROKEN HEART” a syndrome?

-- Hopkins scientists discover that emotional shock can trigger sudden, reversible heart failure that is not a classic heart attack

Hopkins cardiologist Ilan Wittstein, M.D.


Shocking news, such as learning of the unexpected death of a loved one, has been known to cause catastrophic events, such as a heart attack.

Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that sudden emotional stress can also result in severe but reversible heart muscle weakness that mimics a classic heart attack. Patients with this condition, called stress cardiomyopathy but known colloquially as “broken heart” syndrome, are often misdiagnosed with a massive heart attack when, indeed, they have suffered from a days-long surge in adrenalin (epinephrine) and other stress hormones that temporarily “stun” the heart.

“Our study should help physicians distinguish between stress cardiomyopathy and heart attacks,” says study lead author and cardiologist Ilan Wittstein, M.D., an assistant professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and its Heart Institute. “And it should also reassure patients that they have not had permanent heart damage.”

In the Hopkins study, to be published in The New England Journal of Medicine online Feb. 10, the research team found that some people may respond to sudden, overwhelming emotional stress by releasing large amounts of catecholamines (notably adrenalin and noradrenalin, also called epinephrine and norepinephrine) into the blood stream, along with their breakdown products and small proteins produced by an excited nervous system. These chemicals can be temporarily toxic to the heart, effectively stunning the muscle and producing symptoms similar to a typical heart attack, including chest pain, fluid in the lungs, shortness of breath and heart failure.

Upon closer examination, though, the researchers determined that cases of stress cardiomyopathy were clinically very different from a typical heart attack.

“After observing several cases of ‘broken heart’ syndrome at Hopkins hospitals - most of them in middle-aged or elderly women - we realized that these patients had clinical features quite different from typical cases of heart attack, and that something very different was happening,” says Wittstein. “These cases were, initially, difficult to explain because most of the patients were previously healthy and had few risk factors for heart disease.”

For example, examination by angiogram showed no blockages in the arteries supplying the heart. Blood tests also failed to reveal some typical signs of a heart attack, such as highly elevated levels of cardiac enzymes that are released into the blood stream from damaged heart muscle. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans confirmed that none of the stressed patients had suffered irreversible muscle damage. Of greatest surprise, the team says, was that recovery rates were much faster than typically seen after a heart attack. Stressed patients showed dramatic improvement in their hearts’ ability to pump within a few days and had complete recovery within two weeks. In contrast, partial recovery after a heart attack can take weeks or months and, frequently, the heart muscle damage is permanent.

The researchers collected detailed histories and conducted several tests, including blood work, echocardiograms, electrocardiograms, coronary angiograms, MRI scans and heart biopsies, on a total of 19 patients who came to Hopkins between November 1999 and September 2003. All had signs of an apparent heart attack immediately after some kind of sudden emotional stress, including news of a death, shock from a surprise party, fear of public speaking, armed robbery, a court appearance and a car accident. Eighteen of the stressed patients were female, between the age of 27 and 87, with a median age of 63. The results were then compared to seven other patients, all of whom had suffered classic, severe cases of heart attack, called a Killip class III myocardial infarction.

When results from both groups were compared, the researchers found that initial levels of catecholamines in the stress cardiomyopathy patients were two to three times the levels among patients with classic heart attack, and seven to 34 times normal levels.

Catecholamine metabolites, such as metanephrine and normetanephrine, were also massively elevated, as were other stress-related proteins, such as neuropeptide Y, brain natriuretic peptide and serotonin. These results provided added confirmation that the syndrome was stress induced. Heart biopsies also showed an injury pattern consistent with a high catecholamine state and not heart attack.

A hallmark feature of the syndrome was the heart’s unique contraction pattern as viewed by echocardiogram, or ultrasound. While the base of the heart’s main pumping chamber, the left ventricle, contracted normally, there was weakened contraction in the middle and upper portions of the muscle. Other characteristics included a distinctive pattern on electrocardiogram, or EKG.

“How stress hormones act to stun the heart remains unknown, but there are several possible explanations that will be the subject of additional studies,” says study co-investigator and cardiologist Hunter Champion, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor at Hopkins and its Heart Institute. “The chemicals may cause spasm in the coronary arteries, or have a direct toxic effect on the heart muscle, or cause calcium overload that results in temporary dysfunction.”

The researchers also plan to study whether certain patients have a specific genetic vulnerability for developing stress cardiomyopathy, and why it predominantly strikes older women.

While the folklore of “broken heart” syndrome has been around for decades, the prevalence of the condition remains unknown. According to Wittstein, some reports exist, mainly from Japan, and describe similar syndromes, but no biochemical analyses have previously been performed that link the condition to elevated catecholamine levels. The researchers contend that while stress cardiomyopathy is not as common as a typical heart attack, it likely occurs more frequently than doctors realize. They expect its numbers to increase as more physicians learn to recognize the syndrome’s unique clinical features.

Funding for this study, conducted solely at Johns Hopkins, was provided by the Bernard A. and Rebecca S. Bernard Foundation. Other researchers who took part in this study were Trinity Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D.; Jeffrey Rade, M.D.; Katherine Wu, M.D.; Gary Gerstenblith, M.D.; Steven Schulman, M.D.; Kenneth Baughman, M.D.; João Lima, M.D.; and David Thiemann, M.D.

- JHMI -