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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Come and GO

I am in between lonely and in solitude.


The person i love will be away for a while.

not because we both want to

but he have to

for the future and whatever best it may serve.

I am isolated.

i am scared, i am in paranoia.

i have already realized your worth but what more if you will be away.

I will truly miss you.

I hope this paranoia won't last forever

i hope you will stay still holding my hand

my head in your shoulders

my luscious lips on your lips

and a warm embrace

that won't let us apart.

For now you can come and go

but i'll be here waiting for you still.

Love you and take good care of yourself.

i will sheer my thoughts in words for you to know How much it means to be loved by "me"