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Monday, May 17, 2010

viaje del alimento

Had my medical check up today at chong hua medical arts center with my new endocrinologist.

the line wasn't that long so i didn't have a problem when i got there. To summarize everything i was given some lab test for further testing on my condition which is my thyroid problem. So most probably tomorrow at 6am , I'll be at the laboratory to have some test run! fasting it is.

After my check up, my company and i went to Chowking and grab some halo-halo oh la la.

refreshing and super cold treats to beat the summer heat, I need more and want some more.

I ordered halo halo fiesta with two scoops of ice cream. I so want to order more if i had more money to buy.

I also bought this halo halo radio which cost Php 179.00. I so love the design it looks so real and yummy. I haven't tried it on yet because i still have to grab some batteries. It's a multi purpose radio because i think it could also play some mp3. So if u happen to have an mp3 player , you can just plug it in there and it will play. COol right? the size of this radio is actually the same with the real size halo halo takeouts. So what are u waiting for? grab some now

Haiz i want more halo halo, any sponsors? haha. i wish.


till then` ciao