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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry guys, i haven't been online for a long time. I missed all of you and blogging, did you miss me? well i think 50/50 lang. I have been very busy putting myself together because i have been into some depression mood lately. I will explain that further on my next blog. I am doing my next online money making venture with the help of some cyberfriends. I am willing to help you out guys who wants to earn extra $$money$$ diha, and to those housewives, unemployed people or even mga professionals na diha. IF want to know the mechanics just leave a comment and ill do my best to come up with the detailed explanation. It's free and fun, you should have to spend an hour a day sa internet and that's it. I am 2days working on it already and i will show you proofs and details later on.

I am also trying to change my layout but i will do that later, I am contacting ate CARLOTA from communicity for my layout. Te pacenxa.. I have been thinking of it pa. I want the new layout to be a mirror of myself and what i do in day to day basis of my crazy life. YAWN..hala gduka nako.ANyhow..I'll be updating my blog from time to time. And wish me luck guys...